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Douglas and Sarah are the proprietors of North Brook End Stud. The Stud is now in its fifteenth year of its sports horse breeding program. Sarah & Douglas have put thought and consideration in to the breeding and production of every horse as well as the day to day running of the establishment. The stud aims to produce a well educated young horse with the ability to succeed in whatever its chosen discipline might be.  The team here hope that the enthusiasm and passion for everything that is done here is evident.






Douglas has knowledge and experience that allows him to produce horse from young stock all the way through to the highest levels. Douglas has competed for thirty years from British Novice all the way through to International competiton and has competed in all disciplines, from Point to Point through to Dressage, although his first love is show jumping. 


Douglas's ability to work with young horses is impressive and many who have the opportunity to watch him work will learn a significant amount. He is happy to impart his knowledge with all levels of rider to help individuals improve both themselves and their horses.


Sarah's attention to detail and enthusiasm for the horses to succeed is evident in the development of the young horses and in the running of the yard here at North Brook End. Sarah initially worked in a number of professional yards before working for Weatherbys in Newmarket. Having a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and a Postgraduate Degree in Education Sarah also worked as a lecturer in Equine Studies. As well as being a registered BHSInTSM, DEFRA approved AI technician and a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.




Jon's specialist area is breaking and training young horses but has a particular love of eventing. He has a real talent for working with a range of different horses and demonstrates real logic and clear method in his breaking of the young horse. Having worked for a number of event riders, he found his time with Owen Moore and Charlotte Bathe particularly valuable to his career. He then went on to be self employed as a BHS II and spent a number of years breaking, training, teaching and riding. Jon is now comfortably established at NBE and has become a pleasure to work with and a real asset to all aspects of everyday life at NBE.



Last but not least is the linch pin team of staff who help to ensure the everyday running of the yard is maintained. A capable, knowledgeable, professional team of staff ensure that every day life for horses and humans a like is maintained.


The evidence of their success is an impressive catalogue of young horses but also a yard that they can proudly say people love to visit.

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