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"I bought Declan about 8 months ago, he is an absolute dream to own and always tries his hardest! He is exactly as Douglas and Sarah described and a pleasure to own! In the time I’ve owned him, he’s had outstanding results and I couldn’t ask anymore of him! I can’t thank NBE stud enough for such a lovely boy."


"I bought fern as a two year old. She is the most lovely and well put together horse by Temple Claudius. NBE has always been there to help with everything and anything from lessons to tips and tricks in breaking and producing. I worked for them for a number of months and can honestly say I have never come across a team so happy and readily available to help and give advice under any circumstance. Fern and I have done Burghley young event horse qualifiers as a four year old and we are currently working at Newcomers height and look forward to competing when a busy work schedule allows. I can’t thank or recommend north brook end stud enough for their continuous help and encouragement over the years they are more of a family than a business."



"I have bought two horses from Sarah and Douglas , my first one 8 years ago who has been a horse of a life time for me, achieving things with him that I never thought I was capable of, never thought I would be that lucky again when I bought my second one but he is also a great horse . Sarah and Douglas are patient with the horses, none are rushed and they take their time in truly getting to know the individual personalities so you can be safe in the knowledge that what you are told about the horses character they are selling is true. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the industry and I would highly recommend North Brook End Stud."



"Bought a horse from Northbrook end stud back in July 2017. Lovely young horse, very genuine and honest people. Would recommend to anyone."

"Sarah and Douglas have an intrinsic  ability when working with horses (and their owners!). I first met Sarah and Douglas when I bought a horse from them in 2013 and again in 2017.  At this time I had lost my confidence and was quite low and frustrated, but they never once made me feel inferior, incompetent or silly. Their approach was (and is) always supportive, encouraging and fun, based upon a wealth of knowledge and experience.  They know just how much to challenge and push, supporting you and your horse to develop as a partnership. Sarah and Douglas have supported me through losing my dearly loved horse and in helping me find my new four legged friend.  Through my time at NBE, I have been lucky enough to watch the team bring on youngsters and troubled horses with an enviable calm confidence and ability. They always have time for a chat and coffee, advice, help and laughter.  I have had the most fantastic time being part of the NBE family with trips out, training away from home and going to the races. I trust them implicitly and know that my horse could not be in any better hands. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for training, breaking or in helping you to find your next equine friend."

"My children have been been taught over the last few years by both Sarah Jane and Douglas. Sarah Jane has a very positive approach to teaching and is good at listening to what the children want to achieve and making sure they are happy doing what’s asked.  She will push them when appropriate to ensure they constantly progress.  Douglas has been fantastic at helping my children finesse what they have learnt by picking up on subtle elements of riding so easily missed by many instructors. The girls always come away with a smile."

"Sarah and Douglas found me my first pony aged ten and I continued to have lessons with NBE. With a fantastic pony and  their help and support, I went on to take part in pony club, one day events, working hunters, BYRDS and the Stoneleigh Dressage Championships. I’ve continued to buy from NBE and through the years have relied on the amazing team for their unfailing advice and expertise. They have a lovely selection of horses and never fail with their approach. I have a three year old bred at NBE who is currently being backed. She has a lovely attitude and the team are doing a wonderful job - I'm very excited for the future! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend."

Take a look here at some of the clients who have used NBE for horse shopping, instruction and training services. Thank you for your contributions. You can keep up to date with North Brook End by following their Facebook page. 

"I have known Sarah and Douglas for 4 years after having regular tuition on a project pony I had brought elsewhere, with their help and support she became the most fantastic all rounder. I brought a new horse from them a year ago and it could not have been easier, with a baby I could not face travelling around the country in search for a new horse. I trusted them to know what would fit in with my lifestyle and be 100% safe and they had my perfect match. Glad to say I have a dream horse!"

"My daughter has had regular lessons with sarah and Douglas since she was about 11 years old when she was 14 and needed a horse we ask sarah and Douglas about getting one of their youngsters as we needed it to be safe and have a good temperament , my daughter has brought her on under the guidance of them, they have given her many lessons and and schooling sessions. The mare is now 6 and is starting compete we could not of done it without their help, they have been amazing. They also teach my two younger children age 9 and 11 and are very good with them turning them to good little jockeys."



"I went to Sarah for nlp training when I lost my confidence jumping. After 3 sessions I learnt various techniques that has revolutionised my Competitions and jumping. The techniques I have learnt have also benefited the rest of my life and I recommend it to anyone. Sarah is a great listener and you feel really comfortable talking to her instantly."


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